red blue dimension


Red Blue Dimension is a completely new, unique interactive art.
The painting style is based on the use of two colours – red and blue.
At first sight the work appears to be abstract. The artist works with optical illusion, and under the deposits of applied layers is hidden a realistic picture. This can only be viewed when the observer puts on “pink glasses”.
The artist has discovered the power of colours and has investigated the way they affect human emotions.
Ten years ago he started to experiment with mixing precise and unvarying shades of blue and red.
A layered technique by applying paint with a brush.
He continued to perfect this technique until he uncovered the secret of complex underpainting.
Using this as a basis he created his first series of such paintings.
A great inspiration for him has been the book by poet J. W. Goethe Theory of Colours (1810).
In this book Goethe approached his work very poetically; he didn’t explain the influences of individual colours on people academically, but rather with regard to emotions.
Technique Acrylic paints, magenta spray + pink glasses.